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Understanding Change

Understanding Change

Implementing LEAN in any organization requires an understanding of the dynamics of change, how they affect individuals in the organization and an ability to translate vision into terms people can understand and buy into. There is a misconception today that people are resistant to change. People are not resistant to change. People are resistant to being changed. […]

Metamorphosis V: Restaurant to Food T...

Metamorphosis V: Restaurant to Food Truck

What should a business do when faced with the challenges we have outlined? Adapt to the ideal state, make the changes necessary to serve the customer in the best way possible. In our case the solution was to change the way we do business. The decision was made to close the restaurant and purchase a […]

Metamorphosis IV: The LEAN Ideal Stat...

Metamorphosis IV: The LEAN Ideal State

How can a restaurant survive the issues we have identified and still fulfill its mission of providing quality tasty food for it’s customers? An analysis based on LEAN principles leads to the answer. LEAN looks at present of an organization and then looks forward to a future idea state. Let’s look at the factors that are […]

Metamorphosis III

Metamorphosis III

In every business, staffing us always a big issue. Looking at location of the restaurant, the issues seem to be magnified. It is located in a small town, population 200. When you need eleven staff to run your restaurant, finding those eleven is a big problem. Once you gave your staff in place you need […]

Metamorphosis II

Metamorphosis II

  Let’s look at the restaurant from a LEAN perspective. What is the purpose of the business? Note we did not se the word restaurant. That immediately conjures up images in our minds. W want to be far more open minded. The business was cast up to provide quality, tasty food for its customers. Let’s […]



I have worked in many organizations implementing LEAN. Invariably the first perception of staff and some managers is that LEAN is extra work, adding to an already too busy a day. Organizations need to be positioned to accept and embrace a culture change from the old way of doing things to a new and better […]

LEAN Tools: 5S

LEAN Tools: 5S

The purpose of this process is to improve productivity, improve quality and improve safety. It is used to improve performance of a process. It is not used as a reason to clean up. It is used to improve a process once process design has been completed. Everyone should understand what they are trying to accomplish […]

Emergency Department Key Performance ...

Emergency Department Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Emergency department KPIs put  are measures used to evaluate emergency department performance.  KPIs are developed to benchmark all public hospital emergency departments and to measure the “success” (or otherwise) of emergency department performance. The KPI should be tracked on a daily basis and the results posted on the departmental gemba board and reviewed daily as […]

Element Necessary to Become and Susta...

Element Necessary to Become and Sustain LEAN

The first step on the LEAN journey is the organization realizing that there are clear, compelling and urgent reasons to change. In a world where we cannot do more with less because we are stretched far too thin already, we realize that we must start to work smarter. We need to examine our processes, and […]

The Administration Gemba Board: Syste...

The Administration Gemba Board: System Wide KPIs

There is a requirement for a gemba board in very department, including administration. The types of KPI they follow are different from a typical department in the hospital. Some of the clients we have worked with have followed the following KPI on their gemba boards. We have grouped them into basic categories:     Quality […]

What Others Have Said…

Michael developed a LEAN program for our hospital. This involved training both managers and front line staff in LEAN and its application in every department. Two LEAN projects were conducted in an effort to reduce inventory. There was a reduction of $135,000 in pharmacy inventory and $200,000 reduction in OR inventory."
Richard E. D’Alberto, FACHE
President & Chief Executive Officer
Laurens County Hospital

"Michael is a great speaker. He is inspirational and knows his trade."
Lynn Yarbrough

"Great quality- appreciate his openness to field question on the spot"
Rita Jones
CEO, Dundy County Hospital

"Michael is an outstanding, knowledgable speaker, keeps the flow going an involve the audience well."
Stephen Stewart
CEO, Artesian Valley Health System

"I like the process in implementation"
Brad Langdorf
VP Clinical Services, Community Hospital

“Michael is an excellent speaker. Content is exciting and educational.”
Mollie Heisel
Human Resource Coordinator
Brown County Regional Health Care
“Very good; usable; informative; real; encouraging”
Valerie Gigolyk
Loewen Windows

“Without your personality, coaching and spirit, we wouldn’t have made it so far.”
Ann Corrigan, RN
VP of Patient Services
Henry County Health Center

“We are utilizing the information on a regular basis. It has been exciting to see this growth.”
Pat Hales , Director of Quality and Educational Services Misericordia Health Center

“Excellent speaker- funny yet seriously important to improve our daily lives.”
Rebecca Ricartti, HR Director
Pacific Alliance Medical Center

“Michael is fantastic. Keeps the learning Entertaining and interesting.”
Stephen Stewart CEO
Artesian Valley Health System

“Great. Enjoyed the session.”
Curtis Hawkinson CEO
Community Memorial Healthcare

“Very clear and concise presentation. Always includes stories that make you think.”
Heather Greenwood, Med Tech
CHI St. Alexius Health

“Michael is a great presenter and presented he content in a manner that made it interesting and useful.”
Lynne Yarbrough, OR Director
Johnson Regional Medical Center

“Knowledgeable and energetic.”
Valerie Hangman, QI Coordinator
Providence Medical Center

I was impressed by the content and the clarity of the speaker.”
Jennifer Russell
Government of Manitoba

“Excellent quality, excellent information & keeps his agenda enthusiastic and timely.”
Terri Davis, RN
Providence Medical Center

“Dynamic speaker who leads the group to discover the answers for themselves.”
Jeff Dolan
Canada Cases Ltd.

“Mike is inspirational. A Great Motivator.”
Glen W. Buckler
Two Small Men with Big Hearts

“You have to see Michael Bayer’s presentation.”
Lois French

Investors Group

“Excellent speaker with an important message”
Rob Vineberg
Regional Director General
Citizenship & Immigration Canada

“Excellent speaker- funny yet seriously important to improve our daily lives.”
Rebecca Ricartti,
HR Director
Pacific Alliance Medical Center

“Fantastic! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much, yet I also gained so much knowledge too! Thanks!”
Daiva Griese
One Legacy

“Excellent, worthwhile. It was as good as it gets.”
Stephanie Bloodworth
Case Manager, New Directions

“Fantastic speaker. Great for any industry.”
Ron Farmer
Personal Banker, CIBC

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