"Leverage Empowerment and Accountability Now"

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Employee Empowerment

Empower everyone in the organization to recognize waste and eliminate it

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Eliminate Waste

Eliminate activities that don't add value to the customer but adds cost as waste

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Total Accountability

Transform into an organization that holds everyone accountable for results

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We are a group of dedicated consultants who are known as “The Implementation People”. We have over 50 years combined experience in being the agents of change in organization, specializing in LEAN.

We are asked: What does LEAN stand for? It’s not an acronym but we believe a LEAN organization is one that  Leverages Empowerment and Accountability Now. Does that describe your organization?

Our specialties are healthcare and aviation: however we have a wide range of experts with experience in industries that include the financial sector, government, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and IT.

We select the expert or team if necessary, who know your industry i.e. healthcare or sector i.e. LEAN in the ED to work with you on the implementation of the LEAN process. We have developed a LEAN implementation process that will engage every one in your organization and make them a part of the process.

The process is customized to your specific organization and the implementation timetable respects your priorities. Accountability and measurement is built-in so we can ensure progress and measure results.

Contact us today to learn how you can reap the benefits of LEAN in your organization.

What Others Have Said…

"Michael is a great speaker. He is inspirational and knows his trade." Lynn Yarbrough OR, JMRC

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